LDF project and team introduction

LDF project and team introduction
First, the basic situationThe OU Team (Bai Lu Mining Service Investment Group Co., Ltd.) is a professional digital asset management team with three business segments: OU wallet, OU pool and OU node service.The OU wallet has built-in bitcoin mortgage loans and over-the-counter transactions.The OU Mine Pool is a digital asset management platform. After the Lend0X public chain of the OU was put on the line, it became a governance node by locking the token in the mining pool, and promoted distributed financial innovation by initiating proposals and voting to participate in the Lend0X chain governance.OU node service relies on OU private cloud service, professional IDC hosting, 7×24 hours dedicated maintenance, providing stable, high-speed network environment and operation and maintenance services for partners to operate DPoS nodes.The OU team has extensive experience in public chain development and DPoS node operations. In June 2018, the EOSForce Node was operated and served as the Deputy Secretary General of the EOSForce Super Node Secretariat, deeply involved in chain governance. OU is also a BBE exchange super node, Newton node, GOC node.Second, the token situationLDF is a token issued by the distributed financial project Lend0X. The ERC-20 standard has a total circulation of 4 billion pieces. The initial circulation is 400 million, and it will never be issued. There is no ICO. The holders enjoy a variety of interests in the Lend0X ecosystem, including deductible fees, dividends, and participation in community governance. If there is profit in business, there will be dividends since the value-added logic is clear. After the Lend0X public chain goes online, the holder can become a governance node, participate in chain governance, and promote distributed financial innovation.
Token distribution

  1. Team 30% Locked token for 2 years
  2. Community Building 10%
  3. technology R & D 20%
  4. DAPP ecological construction 15%
  5. Foreign investment 10%
  6. Mining 5%
  7. Initial circulation 10%


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