LDF Project and Team Introduction

一、基本情况 Basic Information


Lend0X is a decentralized financial public chain project that provides decentralized asset management services for global users. Lend0X token named LDF, which will be listed on the leading exchange FCoin in July 2019.The short-term goal of Lend0X is to develop decentralized financial products.Such as transfer transaction of the deposit receipt earning rights during the locked position, benefits transfer from mining pool business , contract guarantee,assignment of creditor’s rights in the context of borrowing and lending,asset securitization products.In the future, Lend0X will connect the entity financial institutions to realize the operation of assets on the blockchain, and become a comprehensive service provider of crypto assets financial business.

二、代币情况 Aboout LDF


代币分配 Token distribution:

LDF,The ERC-20 standard has a total circulation of 4 billion pieces. The initial circulation is 400 million, and it will never be issued. There is no ICO. The holders enjoy a variety of interests in the Lend0X ecosystem, including deductible fees, dividends, and participation in community governance. If there is profit in business, there will be dividends since the value-added logic is clear. After the Lend0X public chain goes online, the holder can become a governance node, participate in chain governance, and promote distributed financial innovation.

代币分配 Token distribution:


30% 锁仓2年Locked token for 2 years

社区建设Community Building


技术研发Technology R & D


DAPP生态建设DAPP ecological construction


推外投资Project investment




初始流通Initial circulation


三、团队介绍 About OU Team


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